How to Stay Productive Throughout Your Workday

Dated: January 21 2022

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How to Stay Productive Throughout Your Workday

No matter where you work or what you do, everyone out there wants to get the most work done in the highest quality and the shortest amount of time. Productivity and efficiency are some of the most important goals companies large and small strive for. With high expectations for employees and only a limited amount of hours in a day, daily tasks can quickly become overwhelming.

Here are a few tips to staying productive and successfully completing your work each and every day, stress-free…

Plan Ahead
It’s getting to the end of the day on a Friday and all you can think about are your weekend plans. But before you clock out for the week, you should set yourself up for success. What projects are you working on? Do you have a deadline coming up? How long will each task take you? Writing down a to-do list for the following work week is a great step to boosting your productivity. Figure out what your top priority is and plan to start it Monday morning. At the end of each workday, review and update your to-do list for a fresh start each day.

Get Organized
Starting each day with a cluttered desk can be overwhelming. This includes your digital desk. If you come into work every day and sit down at a desk covered in piles of papers, scattered with no rhyme or reason, you may not know where to start. And if you log onto your computer to find your screen full of desktop icons and documents, you may have the same problem. Create folders, physical and digital, and spend some time getting organized. It’s inevitable that as you go through each workday, your desk will clutter, so just be sure to spend a few minutes at the end of the day tidying up and reorganizing.

Minimize Distractions
Do you find yourself checking your email every 10 minutes? Maybe the person sitting next to you makes too much noise? No matter the distraction, you can reduce the interruption and get your work done efficiently. Set yourself blocks of time during the day where you close out your email and focus solely on your work. Wear headphones to minimize outside noises from the neighboring cube. If you have a home office, keep the door closed to avoid pets or family members from popping in and disturbing you. Also, make sure to keep light snacks and water close by, as hunger and thirst can be an immediate and prominent killer to your focus.

Take Multiple Breaks
Like multitasking, working for hours with no break can cause frustration and exhaustion, and inevitably lessen your productivity. To keep your mind sharp and your creativity peaking, you should take shorter, more frequent breaks throughout the day. Even a walk to the water fountain or a short conversation with a coworker can improve the quality of your work. Sitting at a desk for hours on end can make you tired and lose interest in your project. Movement is key to keeping the body and brain working and successful.

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